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Facebook Small Business Grant

The Facebook Small Business Grant
1. you have to have min 2 employees (can be contractors)
2. you have to be in business one 1 year
3. you fill out via Ureeka
4. you WILL NEED PROOF OF BUSINESS- corp papers,
Partnership documents, Business license
5.. WILL WILL NEED Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) (not your social security!!!)

Official registration

If you do not have your business license .. click here .. for Los Angeles … but when you submit .. it keeps saying error retry .. so not sure IF TOO MANY PEOPLE ON SYSTEM .. but .. keep trying maybe at night…. ALSO .. if you have been in business for several years .. and never received your business license .. PUT THOSE YEARS IN .. you verify via taxes …. (watch video of how I handled back taxes so don’t worry about your taxes… i

ENTREPRENEURS … this is the time to get you and your business together. BTW .. in the video of my back taxes above .. THEY NEVER TOOK THE PAYMENT … so go to the IRS and setup an account and set up SMALL payment plan!!! You will need to do this to get various funds. krp

Rental Assistance LA County Unincorpated Cities

If you live in LA County in an Unincorporate City, you may qualify for up to $1000 a month for 3 months.
COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance for Unincorporated Areas

The COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance program provides rental assistance funds to low- and moderate-income eligible households economically impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. .
In order to be eligible, you must be a renter residing in the unincorporated communities in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, or 5th Supervisorial Districts of LA County.


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